What is Hayden-omics?

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Hayden-omics is a real estate marketing methodology designed for maximising yield and optimising the time on market for properties in Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.  It is the convergence of multiple strategies tested and tweaked by Hugh McKewan and Andrew Hamilton at Hayden Real Estate in Ocean Grove.


Hayden-omics marketing pack barwon headsUnderstanding Hayden-omics

It is important to understand that the Hayden-omics package is a combination of our property marketing strategies executed in the correct order.  It is our secret recipe to maximising yield and optimising time on the market.

It combines three core strategies, each of which have their own range of tactics that we apply.

  1. Price Ranging Strategy [Max Yield Strategy]
  2. Premium Content Strategy
  3. 360 Degree Property Styling


Hayden-omics #1 – Price Ranging [Maximum Yield Strategy]

Setting the price right is critical.  Too low and your property is sold quickly without the premium you were hoping for.  Too high and your property sits on the market going stale.

Hayden-omics #2 – Premium Content Strategy

Ensuring that your property is presented in the best possible light. We use a premium content strategy to ensure that your story is told correctly and potential buyers see your house as a home.


Hayden-omics #3 – 360º Property Styling

Working with property stylists, we make sure that your property is a crown jewel in the Ocean Grove or Barwon Heads market.  The aim of our property styling strategy is to enable the prospective buyer to bond with the new home.  Create an emotional connection  thats means your property will soon be their home.