Old Ocean Grove Hot Property

Old Ocean Grove Hot Property

Old Ocean Grove Hot Property

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Bidders Heating Up the Market

Two properties were the subject of multiple bidders in Old Ocean Grove over the last three days.

As more sales are announced today, another Sneak Peek property hits the airwaves.

In todays episode, find out:

  1. SNEAK PEEK: Where is it?
  2. OLD OCEAN GROVE: Which properties are in the hot zone
  3. SALES: What properties are now Unconditional

63 Madeley St, Ocean Grove

Property of the Week

  • 63 Madeley St, Ocean Grove
  • http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-ocean+grove-124025346

To get ahead of the action, call or click below.

  • CALL ON 5255 1000
  • http://www.haydenoceangrove.com.au

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