SaltAire Estate, Ocean Grove

SaltAire Estate, Ocean Grove

Land For Sale



Lots 1-10 Saltaire Court, Ocean Grove 

Download the Section 32’s HERE

  • Ten magnificent allotments with spectacular views over the Bluff and the River Estuary!
  • The allotments have restrictive building covenants in place, in order to ensure the views are not compromised.
  • Please contact Hugh on 0417 538 779 if you’d like further information about these properties!



Lot 1  SOLD 456m²
Lot 2 * SOLD 451m²
Lot 3  SOLD 581m²
Lot 4  SOLD 581m²
Lot 5  SOLD 580m²
Lot 6  SOLD 565m²
Lot 7  SOLD 450m²
Lot 8  SOLD 450m²
Lot 9  $420,000 545m²
Lot 10 SOLD 480m²

* Lot 2 – Single story restriction, maximum dwelling height A.H.D. (Australian Height Datum) 24 level.